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Spiritual+Health+Beauty+Wealth Creator (Life & Business)

Felicia is here to harmoniously touch every area of your life, assist you in the Evolution of your most authentic, purpose-driven self, and to show you how you can work with The Creator of all that is, to co-create your life & business exactly the way you want it to be. Because when you are truly free to accept your own and be yourself, everything you choose is possible. The question is "WHO is Your-Self?

World Class Master Barber Stylist- and Haircare Specialist-- :she is the Your Healthy Hair Expert. Identified by her peers as one who provides cutting edge Natural healing modalities, she joyously guides others in harnessing ones ability to Awaken the Healer Within© through self-correction, personal overstanding of the process- how the body works, raising your vibration (inner thermostate) to re-create a NuLife©, and Living on Purpose and the Pathway to Achieve it.

Felicia is an Intuitive Holistic practitioner who helps people accept responsibility for their actions in order to re-create the NU LIFE of destiny & purpose; actively assist clients in achieving their holistic weight-loss goals as a lifestyle, not a 'quick fix. Due to her own issues with Mental & Physical weight & yo-yo diets, she was compelled to study “How to eat to Live” Books I & II which led to a consistent study of Anatomy, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Chakra System & Self Development & more, all in the name “being healthy”.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning 5 Week Series Intro : " I Make All Things New. Who AM I?" 03/24 by P O W E R of Oneness | Self Help Podcasts

Spring Cleaning 5 Week Series Intro : " I Make All Things New. Who AM I?" 03/24 by P O W E R of Oneness | Self Help Podcasts

The physical and emotional challenges we experience in our life – everything from cancer to arthritis to job stress to marital strife – are often, symptoms of underlying core problems.
What it is about your life that you’d like to change? 
Is low self esteem creeping it's ugly head up?
Do you say " I Love you" to yourself?  

Are you ready to Accept responsibility for actions and get UNSTUCK?
  • Forgive yourself and release the subsconscious blocks that keep you stuck, stressed out, over weight, broke & in self-doubt
  • to see in darkness when you can't even see in front you. 
  • reconcile your past and use the past to serve your future
  • open the money gates to flow effortlessly
  • Be the Love you deserve
  • while fulfilling your Life's purpose
You see before P.O.W.E.R of Oneness became a collective movement, it started as a discovery of how to manage the emotional conflicts ( different people/moods swings) inside of this vessel, we call the body (mind). I have tried a nubmer of things over the years.
Now I AM confident in my personal relationship with the All in All,  I AM Happy, Money is flowing in, I AM helping my clients create new life for themselves,  manifesting new clients and opportunities to serve more people and it is getting better and better.  Come on experience this P.O.W.E.R we call Oneness!