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Felicia is here to harmoniously touch every area of your life, assist you in the Evolution of your most authentic, purpose-driven self, and to show you how you can work with The Creator of all that is, to co-create your life & business exactly the way you want it to be. Because when you are truly free to accept your own and be yourself, everything you choose is possible. The question is "WHO is Your-Self?

World Class Master Barber Stylist- and Haircare Specialist-- :she is the Your Healthy Hair Expert. Identified by her peers as one who provides cutting edge Natural healing modalities, she joyously guides others in harnessing ones ability to Awaken the Healer Within© through self-correction, personal overstanding of the process- how the body works, raising your vibration (inner thermostate) to re-create a NuLife©, and Living on Purpose and the Pathway to Achieve it.

Felicia is an Intuitive Holistic practitioner who helps people accept responsibility for their actions in order to re-create the NU LIFE of destiny & purpose; actively assist clients in achieving their holistic weight-loss goals as a lifestyle, not a 'quick fix. Due to her own issues with Mental & Physical weight & yo-yo diets, she was compelled to study “How to eat to Live” Books I & II which led to a consistent study of Anatomy, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Chakra System & Self Development & more, all in the name “being healthy”.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My hair is thinning! OMG, I have a bald spot! Man,You have bumps on your neck? Why is my Scalp so ITCHY?

Ever experience excessive  shedding, itchy scalp, bald patches, tight braids, over processed chemical services, receding hair line.....

Help!!!  My Hair is falling OUT!

Hair Loss Epidemic: Causes & Solutions
Mo' Hair! 
This is Fe-nominal Felicia here, Your Healthy Hair Expert

For the past 21 years, with great Love and passion , I have been blessed to enhance the beauty & self esteem of women, men, children , old and young alike. Yet, there have been many 'hair issues' I was unable to help. I didn't like that.  As a result, I continued to expand my research and development to learn more because everybody is different.

After researching, formulating products, recommending nutrition and having some minor successes with restoring hair loss for some of my clients, it was time for me to UPLEVEL my skill set.
It is a fact that some people will not believe you or think you know what you are talking about unless you have some letters behind your name or a white jacket on. When some of the "white jacket people" are killing you. (pardon me I digress).  The letters behind my name are not what is important to me. It is the Science and the Technology (toolsavailable to me to help you EMPOWER YOURSELF to Activate your body's ability to SELF HEAL. Pure and simple.  
What is Trichology?
Trichology is a paramedical field, which is the study of hair and scalp disorders that also, involves the anatomy and physiology of hair. It is not widely known to many, but it is by no means a new field of science.  This area of study began in London, England in 1902. Trichology is taken from the Greek word “tricho” meaning “hair”; it is the branch of medicine that has to do with the anatomy, growth and diseases of the hair. Trichology is a Para-Medical area of health care that embraces both naturopathic & western medicine, endocrinology and dermatology

SAVE THE DATE: MONDAY, January 20, 2014 at 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm CST             
Pre-Register Today  receive ALL the DETAILS, and receive a FREE Digital Scalp exam ($25 value).
 for a FREE Hair Loss & Restoration Seminar (All Textures apply)
 conducted by my Colleague & Mentor-                                                                 Hair Loss Doctor Kevin Muhammad, PHD                 Board Certified Hair & Scalp Disorder Specialist & Instructor for National Trichology Training Institute

Keneitha B.,  Griffith IN,  Age: 34

I've been a client since 2010.  I was coming out of a long period of wearing sew-ins.  My hair line was damaged primarily near the temple area, receding approx. an inch back on both sides and overall my hair was chemically damaged. After being dedicated to regular visits and  Kevin's strongly suggested regimens, I now have a full hairline and I'm sincerely grateful for the experience and services provided.