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Felicia is here to harmoniously touch every area of your life, assist you in the Evolution of your most authentic, purpose-driven self, and to show you how you can work with The Creator of all that is, to co-create your life & business exactly the way you want it to be. Because when you are truly free to accept your own and be yourself, everything you choose is possible. The question is "WHO is Your-Self?

World Class Master Barber Stylist- and Haircare Specialist-- :she is the Your Healthy Hair Expert. Identified by her peers as one who provides cutting edge Natural healing modalities, she joyously guides others in harnessing ones ability to Awaken the Healer Within© through self-correction, personal overstanding of the process- how the body works, raising your vibration (inner thermostate) to re-create a NuLife©, and Living on Purpose and the Pathway to Achieve it.

Felicia is an Intuitive Holistic practitioner who helps people accept responsibility for their actions in order to re-create the NU LIFE of destiny & purpose; actively assist clients in achieving their holistic weight-loss goals as a lifestyle, not a 'quick fix. Due to her own issues with Mental & Physical weight & yo-yo diets, she was compelled to study “How to eat to Live” Books I & II which led to a consistent study of Anatomy, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Chakra System & Self Development & more, all in the name “being healthy”.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Many Expression- ONE Source

GOD in ACTION! Almighty, I AM, Be & it is, Ye are All God's Children of the Most High God

Hmmm:  DAY 1
Human Life has a pre-determined goal. Pre-determined- before you came into existence, there was a goal set for your life...That goal is to make that life meet with its Source: it's Creator. Some of you think that the only way you meet with God is that thou have to die physically...no,no, no. To "meet with" means to "join" the essence or your being to the Essence of The Originator of all of this life. To "meet with," to "join with," that is the pre-determined goal of human life.- Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, SIBCD

What does it mean to Accept your Own and Be Yourself? Starting with the end in mind, my life has been a constant evolution of enlightenment, seeking all things spiritual, good- bad- indifferent decisions, loving my self, navigating the highs and lows of fitting in, being strong willed, spoiled, loving my mom, making money, spending money, dealing with low self esteem, dimming my light so it doesn't outshine someone else's, being a blessing to others, traveling the world, selflessly helping anyone I can, being happy & joyful with my choices ( even when I didn't know why I did it), reconnecting with my dad, being too hard on myself, dancing, being extreme, forgiving myself and others, having a redemptive spirit, getting married & divorced, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah,etc and connecting with people in all walks of life. Because of all these experiences I AM getting better and better everyday and in every way. 

What I understand now about "Accepting my own and Being myself", that I didn't quite have a comprehensive knowledge of 20 years ago, is learning who "myself" really is.  

You see, I was an only child, raised in the projects, by a single mom, who worked very hard to take care of me, loved my daddy- who was not around and could do no wrong in my eyes, I was very shy, easy going, & different, often referred to as an 'ole soul' and "always on the go", a latch-key child, very mature, and had to be very responsible at an early age.  I can honestly say, I had a really good childhood. I was always happy and could play well by myself. Oh, yea, I was a tomboy, can you believe that? 

Growing up in church, I remember the pastor saying, "Repeat after me, if everybody in my church was just like me, what kind of church would my church be?"  I used to say, "hmm, my church would be alright". It was shortly after this, I began to ponder what that really meant.    I began to question God about why am I here?

I always knew, I wanted to be a hairstylist. As a little girl, I used to sit on the porch with my mannequin head, styling her hair and makeup, along with my easy bake oven. When it was time to decide which High School to attend, I was torn between Cosmetology Classes  at the Technical/Trade school or the Academic School.  I choose the Academic school because I also wanted to be a Nurse Anesthetist. This was a great time in my development.

Day 2 #Hmmm (Cont'd)
Now, Brothers and Sisters, the greatest goal of all is to meet with , or to form a perfect union with, Almighty God. When there is a perfect union with god an when we become one with our Creator, then the Attributes of God come right across our own personality and character, so that we become one with the Source of life, so that when you see the person, you are actually looking at God.

Wait, now, I don't want to throw you off. I want you to follow this carefully. If you become one with the Creator , join with Him in a perfect union, which is a great struggle, then His Attributes, His own unique Personality, will impress itself upon you and His own Being will come across your being, so that you die, He lives, in you--- through you. When they see you , they see Him, for you are in Him and He is in you. Is that clear? Are you alright?
 — feeling accomplished.

Stay tuned.. Day 3